Erik Sauar, Forfatter hos Energi og Klima

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Erik Sauar

Erik Sauar holds a doctorate degree in Thermodynamics from the Department of Physical Chemistry at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering from NTH, and a Master of Arts (cand.polit) in Anthropology from the University of Trondheim.He has more than 20 years of experience from the solar industry. Dr. Sauar has extensive knowledge of the global PV industry and serves or served on the Board of Directors of several international PV institutes and companies. He is also the inventor of about 35 patents and patent applications and 20 scientific publications.Erik was one of the co-founders of Renewable Energy Corporation, and served for 12 years as the Chief Technology Officer of the company. The last 5 years he has been investing in start-up companies working to implement small-scale carbon reduction technologies and projects in developing countries through Differ AS as well as continued to invest and assist in technology companies within the solar and battery space.